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Handcrafted retro and vintage inspired women's clothing.  Sizes inclusive for all those amazing starlets out there looking to add a little glamour and sass into their wardrobe.  Sizes XS to 4XL.  

All clothing is designed and sewn by Jennifer, a vintage lifestyle vlogger on YouTube who goes by A Vintage Vanity!   She has a unique style that is not only influenced by her love of the 40s and 50s but also her adoration of all things Sci-Fi.

Planetary Espionage Skirts

Jael's Tears

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Jaels Tears.JPG

Jael's Tears

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This skirt is truly a show stopper!  The underskirt is made from a fuchsia stretch sateen with a layer of pink organza over top, but it doesn't stop there the organza is sprinkled with various sizes of atomic starbursts making it utterly magical.  The fabric is heavier which gives it a nice shape but not too heavy as to make the skirt weighty.  As a full circle skirt it has great body and flounce and is perfect to twirl the night away!  Using the classic design we've eliminated any bulk around the waist to give a flawless silhouette.   It also features a fantastic bow on the side, but the best part is that the bow is a pin so you can decide where to wear it...or whether to wear it at all!  You'll be sure to dazzle in this design.

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  • Full circle skirt
  • Detachable bow!
  • Side Zip
  • Approximately 23 inches from waist to hem
  • 97% Pima Cotton/3% Spandex; Organza:  100% Polyester
  • Dry Clean Only

As a small operation some items are handmade as ordered, please allow 7-10 business days to process before shipment.  


The Atomic Starlet has just received an urgent communication from Earth's allies, the Sabolians.  They need her help in recovering a stolen artifact, Pele's Lava Stone.  While on it's home world this artifact helps maintain the ecological system by keeping the lava jets from overheating the waters, but once removed from it's place of honor it can devour worlds.  Rumor has it that its being sold to the Erkelians, the greatest evil in the 'verse, during the nebula ball; which is being held behind enemy lines!  How will Earth's most recognizable Ambassador stroll into the hornets nest and not only walk away, but do it with the artifact in hand!?!  Not only will she have to disguise herself, but she'll have to find some way to incapacitate the enemy.  Her options are limited, she can take the subtle route or not so subtle!  If she chooses to go in with metaphoric guns a blazin' she knows just the place to get the perfect outfit.  There just so happens to be a special something back in Hippolyta's Garden, she only has to sweet talk her way in to see the most powerful warrior queen in the system and then convince her to part with it.  Do you choose to fly to Hippolyta's Garden to see the warrior queen Jael?