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Handcrafted retro and vintage inspired women's clothing.  Sizes inclusive for all those amazing starlets out there looking to add a little glamour and sass into their wardrobe.  Sizes XS to 4XL.  

All clothing is designed and sewn by Jennifer, a vintage lifestyle vlogger on YouTube who goes by A Vintage Vanity!   She has a unique style that is not only influenced by her love of the 40s and 50s but also her adoration of all things Sci-Fi.

Galactic Ambassador Skirts

Phasers to Stun

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Phasers to Stun


The signature skirt in this line displays the iconic 50s boomerang design and plays with a vibrant yellow and black color blocking to give a classic retro science fiction feel.  The fabric is light, but not thin.  As a full circle skirt it has great body and flounce and is perfect to twirl the night away!  Using the classic design we've eliminated any bulk around the waist to give a flawless silhouette.   A favorite feature of this fun skirt is the full hidden pockets, big enough to hold a ray gun or mobile phone!  You'll be ready for adventure in this far out design!  *Skirt is shown with crinoline, not included

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  • Full circle skirt
  • Hidden full-sized pockets
  • Back Zip
  • Approximately 26 inches from waist to hem
  • 65% Polyester/35% Cotton
  • Machine Wash or Dry Clean
  • No Ironing needed if taken out of dryer after cycle is complete

As a small operation some items are handmade as ordered, please allow 7-10 business days to process before shipment.  


Earth has finally accomplished FTL!  While preparing to launch our first global space program we were horrifically attacked by the Erkelians, a brutal warlord race bent on enslaving our people and depleting the Earth of its resources.   By pure luck we were able to defeat our attackers, but we know it won't be long before they are back and with a bigger fleet.  Our training facility gone, hundreds of trained explorers dead or wounded, and all but one of our FTL ships salvable, our hope lays in the hands of one woman...the Atomic Starlet, Galactic Ambassador to the stars!  From the wreckage our engineers were able to recover parts to restore one of three tools.   As we've already learned, not all lifeforms out there want to sing kumbaya and knit friendship bracelets!   Out there in the black one needs to be able to defend oneself so her hand tentatively reaches out for the Phasers to Stun tool.  Not that she's a shoot first and ask questions later type of gal, but she's not bringing a knife to a ray gun fight either!  Do you choose to grab the Phasers to Stun tool?