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Handcrafted retro and vintage inspired women's clothing.  Sizes inclusive for all those amazing starlets out there looking to add a little glamour and sass into their wardrobe.  Sizes XS to 4XL.  

All clothing is designed and sewn by Jennifer, a vintage lifestyle vlogger on YouTube who goes by A Vintage Vanity!   She has a unique style that is not only influenced by her love of the 40s and 50s but also her adoration of all things Sci-Fi.

Boldly Go! Skirts

Chimera's Hula

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BG-Chimeras Hula-skirt.jpg
BG-Chimeras Hula-overall.jpg
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Chimera's Hula

35.00 70.00

There is no need to wait for warmer months to celebrate your love of all things Hawaiian!  The slight gathering at the waist gives the skirt lovely volume and movement without adding any unflattering bulk to the waistline.  Featuring oversized pockets that sit on the outside of the skirt for that classic vintage feel.  This skirt is perfect for showing off your unique style in the office and also on a flirty date night.   *Skirt is shown with crinoline, not included

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  • Slight gathered waist
  • Flirty hula print!
  • Oversized outside pockets
  • Side Zip
  • Approximately 25.5 inches from waist to hem
  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Wash or Dry Clean

As a small operation some items are handmade as ordered, please allow 7-10 business days to process before shipment.  


Our Starlet's main objective is to Boldly Go forth and explore strange new worlds.  Looking to form alliances that will help Earth navigate life among the stars and combat the oncoming threat.  She's been given strict orders to fly straight to Mars and back in a test run, but her ship is all prepped for a long journey and she knows we must act fast.  Time is not on Earth's side, she's needs allies and she needs them now!  She sits before her ships controls, her hand hovers over the navigation dials while the thought looms loud in her mind, should she ignore her superiors and listen to her gut?  Her eye catches the files her friend hastily pushed into her hands before leaving with a whisper that left her intrigued, "these look to be inhabited!".  She excitedly grabs the folder labeled Chimera's Hula.  The photographs inside reveal what at first looks like a large grouping of rocks laying at the base of an extremely large volcano.  She's thrilled to find that those "rocks" are actually humanoid shapes rising up out of the water and what looked like the hard surface of a rock was the light bouncing off their ridged and rugged texture of their skin.   One glances over their shoulder, mouth slightly parted, her breath catches at the stunning beauty of the creature before her.  She quickly flips to the next picture to find a rolling blaze streaming from those glimmering lips right at the camera.  Holding her breath she grabs the last picture to find it completely black!  Do you choose to set your navigation dials to Chimera's Hula